About Us

 “HUMAN – ENVIRONMENT – CULTURE” FOUNDATION, is based in Korca – Albania, on December 2009.

Headquarters of foundation: Ave Gjergj Kastrioti no.12, Area no.11, 7001, Korça Albania.

The activity of Foundation is distributed throughout the territory of Republic of Albania and abroad.

Purpose of Foundation

The Foundation is leaded by the principals and the procedures determined in its Statute, its activity, its function and these are based on the common will of the members of the Bord of the Directors.

The basic principals of the Foundation are:

*          The independence from the political, governmental and syndicalist institutions.

*          The free participation of legal and natural persons, or organizations, without social or other differences.

*          The information in time, the scientific knowledge and the grounding facts.

*          The democracy in expression, the objectivity and the polyphony in opinions, thoughts, suggestions and protasis, the cooperation with private and public institutions, national and international organizations.


1_         The free expression of opinion of the members of the Bord, the developing of democratic and constructive dialogue between the habitans and the social state and syndicalist institutions, as well as with the scientific and academic world.

2_         The cooperation with national and foreign similar organizations, specially with European organizations, that have the same purposes and goals.

3_         Drafting of studies and research projects related to the social security system (social support, social secutiry, public health service system) and the other rights of the organization of the social state.

4_         Completed scientific projects’ design in the frame of the Social Protection, the support of special initiatives for the protection of human rights, the presentation of the result from researches in the competent state organisations, making available advisers on social issues, close to domestic and foreign organisations.

5_         The promovation of the cooperation of Albania with the third countries and international organisations, for the improvement of the social rights’ protection in international level.

6_         The design, the organization and the implementation of education, training and research studies, subsidized from the public sector, from other public and private organisations, from EU, or international organisations, or other states, related with the social rights for the education, the improvement of the education system in national level, as well as the improvement of curricula in all education levels (preschool, 9-years, secondary and university).

7_         The pprovision of medical aid, nursing, pharmaceutics and dentistry, as part of humanitarian aid to individuals or group of individuals of the population, that need such services in the region of Korça, in Albania and abroad, and in case of war, in case of state  emergencies, disasters, in case of flooding and burning, or natural disasters.

8_         Public awareness about politic measures for the health protection, the epidemiological situations, the information and education, regarding the PAP test, CA, MAME, the neck of the womb and mental health.

9_         The organization of campaigns to inform the community about transmitted diseases, infectious diseases, those sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, narcotic substance (drug & alchool), etc.

10_       The education of all group-ages, to health care, as part of improving quality of life.

11_        The collection of data, information and statistics on public health, and the design of studies and scientific research, in the field of family planning.


12_       Strengthening and promoting environmental protection and education in a systematic way in Albania and outside its borders, cooperation between the mutual interests. Members of the Board between long experience in environmental issues, stress that the decisions and activities of individual interventions in the environment, affect it directly, so, the education and the awareness are primary purposes of the Foundation.

13_       Drafting environmental studies and plans projects for the protection and preservation of natural wealth.

14_       The rrecovery of areas destroyed by fire, flood, or other natural phenomena. Forestation, among the detailed study plans in protected areas but also areas in order to use the forest, in cooperation with local government and state structures in this sector.

15_       The study and protection of hydro resources in the region, rather than in country and in Euro-region, the cooperation between state structures, or other organizations operating in this sector.

16_       The iintervention of studies, projects and concrete activities on the ground, for the Prespa Protected Area (National Park Natura 2000).

17_       Protecting, cleaning and management of lake shores, with emphasis on Korça Region lakes (Ohri, Prespa).

18_       Use of new technologies in predicting and preventing phenomena such as fire, flood, etc., especially in the length of the country’s border line with neigh-boring states.

19_       The establishment of communication system with neigh-boring regions, on the prevention  of environment damages and prophylactic measures by natural phenomena and human activity.

20_       The study, the identification, the protection and the rehabilitation of microclimate in Korça Region.

21_       The study of unexplored areas (hilly & mountainous), that have not been included in the map of protected areas, or on the map of special areas, through close cooperation between the Ministry of Environment, Local & Regional Government and other domestic and foreign organizations.

22_       The awareness of residents, especially children and young people in matters relating to environmental protection.

23_       Promote cooperation with organizations of the European Union and other countries, joint initiatives in between for the cultivating a different mindset regarding to environmental protection, among studies, action plans and education of residents in the whole geographical territory.

24_       The pprotection and the conservation of all natural elements with cultural values in Albania.

25_       The iInformation, the awareness of all local and foreign visitors, to protect national parks, lakes, rivers and other natural resources, which are visited by native and foreign citizens.

26_       Studies and Master-Plans for the development and the protection of environment in urban and touristic areas.

27_       Protection of flora and fauna, the promotion and direct measures to preserve the species extinction.

28_       Attracting visitors and tourism development in all its forms, between preservation and conservation of environmental resources in the Region and Country.

29_       The promotion and development of volunteering for environmental protection.

30_       Studies on sustainable spatial development, with the epicenter attention to the environment, as a main factor for a balanced social and economic development in the region and country.

31_       The possibility of establishing of a center for information and environmental education in region of Korça, in cooperation with institutes or universities in the field, at home and abroad.

31_       Cooperation with the agriculture sector (farmers and regional directory of agriculture), for well-management of agricultural land, pastures and hydro resources.

32_       The management or participation in the administrating of protected areas in the Region and in Albania.

33_       Ensure protection of flora and fauna for conservation of biodiversity, and creating conditions for maintaining these fit environmental elements.

34_       Putting out the importance that environmental protection has to social and economic development in the future, for the population health and its impact on life quality.

35_       Field study and action regarding the collection and solid waste management and urban areas in the Region.

36_       Studies and researches for ecological problems that create the social and economic development and the way of life, in cooperation with the local government, and domestic and foreign organizations.

37_       Struggling for more knowledge and will, about the ecology.

38_       Action and cooperation with other organizations in terms of food and water quality, aquatic environment (lake), the state of agricultural land, grazing and fishing forms, the impact of public and private works in urban and rural areas using green weight of human intervention in the environment.

39_       Participation in national and community programs to achieve the goals of Foundation in environmental sector.

40_       Iimplementation of small works, but important to promote nature and biodiversity in the region and country.

41_       Environmental protection in residential areas, between project plans and detailed studies.

42_       Organization of sports activities performed in open area, as the impetus to better understanding of nature and being familiar with.

43_       Receiving humanitarian aid, from inhabitants in different areas, from international organizations, in cases of natural disaster in Albania and abroad.


44_       Organization of philanthropy activities.

45_       Contribution to the detection, registration, protection and promotion of ancient settlements and facilities, cultural heritage and laying out the historical values, in weaving the development and promotion of contemporary culture.

46_       Presentation and public presentation of data related to studies, protection and management of archaeological sites and ancient (theatres, amphitheatre, stadiums, villages, various objects, etc.).

47_       Creating environments exposure to objects and ancient works of art, cultural heritage, and all findings (objects) to periods of existence.

48_       Promotion of cultural heritage values (historical, artistic and architectural) in regional and national level, e.g., the Bazaar of Korça, the Museum Area in the town of Korça, and the Urban Traditional Ensemble in the city of Korça.

49_       Realization of a harmonious coexistence between man, nature and cultural heritage.

50_       The intervention in cultural heritage objects, for their protection, restoration, reconstruction and promotion.

51_       Protection and promotion of architectural heritage.

52_       Restoration of cultural heritage (mainly that Byzantine), the restoration of buildings, murals, wall paintings, wooden objects and all their components.

53_       Cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Institute of Monuments, for the purposes of the Foundation in the field of culture.

54_       Studies and urban layout for parts of the museum and historic areas, both within the ring of residential areas, as well as outside them.Korca town, which can hold in its ranks, architects, engineers, historians, archaeologists, etc.

56_       Protection, preservation and rehabilitation of all traditional monuments.

57_       Development of activities that promote traditional music, folklore, tools, musical tradition, morals and customs, and everything else inherited by the people, through concerts, publications, compositions CD of folk songs for registration, conferences and meetings, with one purpose, the preservation and the promotion of this part of the national culture.

The Foundation will achieve and implement the above-mentioned goals, through:

a_         Organizing scientific and professional meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars, symposiums, congresses and other activities.

b_         Nursing programs, projects, works primarily with the object of protection and promotion of social rights at National, European and International. The Foundation can take over, or take part in collaboration with other organizations of Civil Society into programs emanating from public institutions and non-domestic and foreign public, including international organizations. These programs can be linked directly to strengthening the protection of social rights, strengthen of democratic structures, the provision of humanitarian aid, the environmental protection, the promotion of cultural heritage, the support of scientific and exchanging experiences on national and international level, in areas above.

c_         Participation in co-operation platform of civil society organizations, registration in state institutions and in undertaking initiatives to promote joint activities among public sector and Civil Society.

d_        Implementation of publications and publishing.

e_         Addressing invitations to counterpart organizations at home and abroad and designing with them studies of mutual interest related to social law, social state, environment and culture.

f_         Creation of working groups and scientific study, by sector on these issues, themes or specific programs.

g_         Design-studies, especially in topics dealing with the fundamental goals of the Foundation.

h_         Periodic information of all, on matters relating to individual rights, social rights and political and administrative rights.

i_          Presentation to members and associates of the Foundation Board in structures / Albanian organizations, foreign as well as international organizations.

j_          Developing close relationships with counterpart organizations at home and abroad.

k_         Promotion and disclosure of opinions, thoughts, suggestions of Board members and collaborators, bound for the Foundation’s participation in the works for developing rules and laws that directly and indirectly associated with social issues, environmental and cultural.

l_          Promoting the spirit of solidarity, philanthropy and love for people in need, between generosity and providing voluntary assistance, in all its forms.

m_        Cooperation with medical clinics in communes and municipalities of Korça region and throughout the country, as well as cooperation between public health institutions throughout the country.

n_         Cooperation and interaction with the Ministry (of Culture & Tourism, Education & Science, Finance, etc.), with universities and foundations, with Local Government Units, NGOs, private businesses and individuals and legal persons, for the protection, preservation, restoration, maintenance and promotion of art and ancient values and cultural heritage, as well as the creating twin institutions of any kind, inside and outside the country fulfilling the goals of the Foundation.

o_        Encouraging local and regional authorities to create “the network of Communes and Municipalities with ancient settlements”, and cooperation between international organizations operating in the same area.

p_        Use of new technologies to promote the works of ancient and art, the promotion of cultural heritage values in all periods, as well as electronic registration and cataloguing them in the Korça region, in other regions within the Albanian territory, which would required assistance and support that the Foundation could provide, and in the same field works abroad.

q_         Scientific studies and research on fauna and flora of different ecosystems and eco-areas.

r_         Scientific research studies and anthropogenic environmental elements.

s_         Collection and processing of data, and creating electronic archives.

t_         Information and signaling structures in the region and state services, agencies and other European Union related activities carried out by the Foundation.

u_         Organizing the information center for the visitors.

v_         Providing volunteer work, especially to the new group-ages.

x_         Use of any legal form, to emphasize the importance of social issues, the protection of global environment, the promotion of culture, the protection and conservation of cultural heritage.